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The Tin Shui Wai Project – Fong Yun Wah Evening School  
A serious family tragedy happened in Tin Shui Wai in 2004 that shocked the Hong Kong community. Since then several more family tragedies of a smaller scale also happened in the same area. As a result of these tragic events, the city has been labeled as the “Tragic City”. During the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Council, the idea of starting a special project came up for discussion and the Tin Shui Wai Project as born. It was decided to use the school building of CCC Fong Yun Wah Primary School (Phase 2, Tin Yiu Estate) in the evening to start an evening school.      
The Tin Shui Wai Project is a combined effort by the following organizations of CCC: the Tin Shui Wai Primary School, the CCC Covenant Church, the Covenant Heart Social Services and the Family Web. They plan to develop adult education, pastoral care and social services. CCC Fong Yun Wah Primary School is responsible for the adult education, giving the residents a chance for additional education so that they may gain a competitive edge in employment. The CCC Covenant Church is responsible for pastoral care, giving the residents a chance to know Jesus Christ. The Family Web and the Covenant Heart Social Services are responsible for the social services, providing academic counseling to the secondary school students, conducting reading classes, handling cases transferred to the Center, teaching character formation education classes and organizing large scale community activities.     
The CCC Tin Shui Wai Evening School was registered on 1st September 2008, giving it the permission to teach six-month programs in Putonghua, English, Mathematics and Japanese. The primary school also lends the school building to the Tin Shui Wai Project to conduct interest groups, seminars, counseling sessions and vocation oriented courses. Other than the secondary student academic counseling classes and the primary student character education counseling classes which are held in the evening, the Evening School, the Covenant Church and the Covenant Heart Social Services also align with other sponsoring bodies to conduct large scale activities to bless the community, such as carnivals and Agape dinners.     
The Tin Shui Wai Project is a three-year project. The Fong Yun Wah Evening School was established in 2008. It is hoped that the project will provide a low budget and yet high quality adult education for the citizens of Tin Shui Wai; whereas through the work of different service providers the participants’ family problems will be greatly reduced, something the community really needs. It is also hoped that the participants will get to know the Christian faith to meet their basic spiritual needs which will eventually transform the community into a joyful and blessed city.        
Documents for download: Courses offered in April to June, 2009

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