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School Chaplaincy Ministry  
The objective of the Council to set up schools in Hong Kong is “to spread the good news and to serve the community”. Since the adopting of the vision statement by the Executive Council for the Council’s schools in June 2003 - “Together we nurture fullness of life; Hand in hand we witness the love of Christ” - the idea of installing a chaplaincy program in each school was born.  
After consultation and cooperation between a school and a church, an agreement of corporation is reached which allows a church to send a chaplain to a school it partnered to provide pastoral care for the students and their parents and the teachers. The scopes of the project are: 1. To promote and to build up a Christian culture in the school for the purpose of providing pastoral care for the students and their parents and the teachers. 2. To care, support, and train teachers to become team members/partners in school evangelism. 3. To serve as a bridge between the school and the church, so that together they may actualize the school vision and mission of the Council. 
The School Chaplaincy Program is a new project. Therefore, for the first two years, any school and church that are ready for such venture will be invited to join the pioneer scheme; or else they may apply to the Council for approval to joint the project. During the course of operation, their practical experience will be used as suggestions for future evaluation of the project. An overall review of the project will be conducted after three years of operation and the findings will be submitted to the Executive Committee. 
The Council hopes that the Project will be fully implemented in all CCC schools in the next five to ten years. It is expected, as a result, that there will be closer cooperation between the schools and the churches to furtherance the school vision and mission of the Council.  


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