The Social Concern group of the Theological and Pastoral Ministry Department urge prayers for Ukraine


Dear Creator God, You love every human life. You covered us within our mothers’ womb. However, because of the selfishness and self-righteousness in people’s hearts, we do not respect others and even cause violence and killings, bringing pain to others. May the Lord bring forth justice so that we can confess our sins and repent.

The God of Justice, Russia launched attacks on Ukraine, resulting in casualties among the military and civilians in Ukraine. May the Lord execute justice and rebuke those who started the war and made the innocent bleed. Please let all parties try their best to avoid expanding the war and stop it as soon as possible. May You also lead the soldiers, who are in the war, to act according to conscience.

Merciful God, please comfort the families of the innocent victims and bring them out of the valley of grief. Please heal the injured so that they can get well soon. May You lavish peace on those who are frightened and anxious. Please also move Ukraine’s neighboring countries to open their borders so that the Ukrainian people can have somewhere to take refuge.

In the name of the Lord who controls history, we pray, Amen.